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It’s 2015. Why are you currently managing your golf course like it’s still 1998?
Your shoppers should be in a position book tee occasions ideal on their phone, 24 hours a day.
Your point of sale ought to be cloud-based, and provide you with real-time information.
You need to have the ability to see what’s taking place in your course from halfway around the planet.! You ought to be able to communicate with your shoppers immediately.

For this reason we designed Teesnap.

Teesnap was constructed from the ground up by a group of golfers and geeks who have experienced all the pains of traditional course management systems and knew there was a far better way. We sweated each and every detail to create some thing that you will really wish to use. And one thing your golfers will desire to use, also.

Teesnap is constantly working in the cloud, so you’re usually connected to your shoppers. Your clunky old computers might be replaced with mobile tablets and always-on cellular connections. And when new functions are added, updating is often a painless process. Say goodbye to your IT guy.
Teesnap might help you make sense of all your course data with helpful reports that you could access from anywhere, in real-time. You'll be in a position to target your marketing and advertising to golfers based on many different criteria, and send promotions that they could respond to promptly. Teesnap utilizes an enterprise-level information architecture, precisely the same cloud-based reporting tools as Fortune 500 providers, and various, redundant safety failsafes.

If you beloved this short article and you would like to obtain additional facts with regards to golf club management software kindly take a look at the web site. We set out to build by far the most extremely valuable tee time reservation and golf course point of sale system on the market. And we’re just finding started.

As a golfer, you will love it.
As a golf course manager, you will wonder how you ever got by devoid of it.


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